Have Wheel Alignment Issues?
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Signs your wheels are misaligned 

  1. Your car is veering off to one side when you are not turning
  2. The steering wheel is not centred 
  3. The steering is slow to react 
  4. The steering wheel is vibrating 
  5. Your tyres are wearing unevenly 

If you come to CosmoCare Mechanical with an issue related to your car's wheel alignment, we can help with: 

  1. Assessing any potential faults. 
  2. Carrying out laser wheel alignment on your vehicle. 
  3. Road testing vehicle.


Why is it important to maintain your car's wheel alignment?

If you've accidently knocked a curb a bit too hard this can push your wheels out of alignment, as can every day wear and tear. Having misaligned wheels leads to uneven tyre wear and shortens the life of your tyres as well as reducing fuel efficiency and possibly impacting on the ride comfort as well. Having misaligned wheels can also be very dangerous for driving in wet conditions. 

Get your wheel alignment corrected before it turns into a more expensive issue!

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