What Happens If I Don’t Service My Car?

3 Oct 2019

Ever wondered, “What Happens If I Don’t Service My Car?”

Every day we have customers come into Cosmocare Mechanical with one or more of these issues, when a simple visit to our workshop could have either avoided the entire problem or reduced the impact. It is so important to ensure that you service your car on time because small issues can turn into expensive nightmares when neglected. Below are a few common issues that could occur to your car when you push your service out too far.



If left unchecked, tyres will eventually lose air pressure and deflate. This can cause uneven tread wear, sidewall warping and increase the risk of the tyre being punctured when driving over jagged surfaces. As well as this, poorly inflated tyres will decrease your car’s handling, braking capacity and fuel economy and it can significantly reduce their life.


It’s important to change both your engine oil and your oil filter at least once every 12 months because a build up of sludge will result in blocked oil passages. This will significantly decrease how effectively your engine operates and can even shorten its life.


If you have brake noise please come in immediately. Your brake pads wear down with use and extended driving after hearing the wear indicator (or seeing a warning light, depending on your vehicle) can lead to braking failure. It also increases the wear on the disc rotors which can lead to premature replacement and increased cost.

Wiper blades:

After some time, the rubber that coats the metal spine of your wipers will crumble and break off. This can cause significant scratching across the windshield when the wipers are turned on. If your car is parked outside for significant periods of time the rubbers will wear faster because of the sun exposure.


If your wheels are out of alignment it will cause uneven tyre wear (so they will wear on an edge rather than evenly) as well as make it difficult to keep your car on a straight course. The car’s response time to your steering will also be decreased.


Any issues with your cooling can result in overheating which can cause engine failure if it is beyond your engine’s tolerance. We always pressure test your cooling system as part of every service to ensure there are no hidden leaks.

Timing belt or chain:

Best case scenario, a neglected timing belt will eventually break and merely stop the engine. Worst case is that one your pistons will collide with an open valve, requiring much of the engine to be repaired and replaced. It is important to replace this on the earlier of time or kilometres as rubber belts can develop age cracks and wear.

Exposed electrical/ground connections:

As the car ages, these can come loose or become corroded or fatigued. The car may just stop dead without any warning, or worse, some electrical circuit becomes overloaded causing burnout of sensitive electronic parts.

Broken exhaust & body/cabin holes:

If your exhaust is leaking it could emit fumes throughout the car as well as increasing toxic emissions.

Decreased resale value: 

If your car has any signs of neglect, you may have trouble selling it for the price you want (or at all). Anyone with their head screwed on will significantly reduce their offer or walk away if they sense any issues.

Does your car have any of these issues? Bring it into us!