There’s No Such Thing As A Cheap, Quality Service

6 May 2019

There’s No Such Thing As A Cheap, Quality Service

In this industry, there are 3 different types of services, none of which are Cheap and Quality. However, there is a superior type, be sure to know the difference so you don’t get caught out next time you need one!

A question we get asked occasionally at CosmoCare Mechanical + Tyres is why aren’t our car services cheaper. Or sometimes people come in and say I can find a car service cheaper elsewhere can we match that price?

Now, unfortunately there is no such thing as a cheap and quality car service.

Type 1: Here, the price they advertise for their basic car service is quite low, but, this will make them very little profit which leads to many inflated/additional costs being added on. While the job might be of good quality, you end up paying a huge cost that you didn’t need to.

Type 2: Again, the price advertised will be quite low, and, their extra costs are reasonable. But they are saving money by using low quality, cheap parts for your car. This means that you get a fairly priced service, but the job will be of low quality, meaning that your car is not as reliable as it could be and you may end up with another trip to the mechanic.

The CosmoCare Mechanical Way: Here at CosmoCare Mechanical + Tyres, our price for a car service is higher than some, however, this means that we do not need to add on unnecessary work. We also trust that you’ll become a repeat customer the next time you need a scheduled service as we offer one of the most comprehensive services in Perth, checking 104 items on your car! By delivering a fair price on your service and giving you trusted advice, the CosmoCare Mechanical way is the only way you need!

How do we take such good care of our customers?

This is another way that we like to look after you.

Here at CosmoCare Mechanical + Tyres, where it’s all about you!