Pre-Purchase Inspection
Buying a second-hand car can be risky. That's we highly recommend booking a Pre-Purchase Inspection with us to ensure that the car is in good condition.

As Pre-Purchase Inspection at CosmoCare Mechanical includes a thorough check of the:

  1. Engine - Oil level, condition and presence of any leaks, all fluid levels and condition, power steering, hoses, cooling system, fan belts and pulleys, engine and diff (where applicable) mounts, radiator and cap condition, we also road test and check for noises.
  2. Underbody – Exhaust system, drive line, steering components, suspension, fuel hoses, wheel bearings, shock absorbers.
  3. Brakes – We take the wheels off and check the brake pads and discs (or brake shoes and wheel cylinders and drum), the hand brake, and the brake hoses.
  4. Tyres – Inspect all tyres, including the spare, we also check the alignment during the road test.
  5. Battery and charging system – level, terminals and leads, charge rate and general condition.
  6. Lighting – Exterior and interior lights and condition of light assemblies.
  7. Interior components – Seatbelt condition and retraction, door locks and window switches, air conditioning, cigarette lighter.
  8. We check the logbook to see if the car has a good service history

Why is a Pre-Purchase Inspection important?

Far too often people bring in a 2nd hand car AFTER they have already purchased it which is a huge mistake. This is because if any issues are found it can be very difficult if not impossible to get the seller to do the right thing and rectify any issues. We have found critical problems such as a blown head gasket which would cost the new owner thousands to rectify - sometimes more than the car is worth!

A Pre-Purchase Inspection also gives you some negotiating help - if you know the brakes will need to be replaced in the next few months and the drive belt is badly cracked then you can ask the seller to reduce their price accordingly (or worst case, you can walk away from a bad buy).

Note: Before you purchase a second hand vehicle, we highly recommend having it checked by us to ensure you’re not buying an expensive headache.

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