Very few of us think about tyres but they are vitally important to keeping you and your family safe.

Your tyres are responsible for providing you with all of your grip on the road; slowing you down and stopping; and all of your steering.

There are only 4 small patches of contact – one for each of your tyres – that have to manage all of this.

Don’t be confused – we’re here to help

There are so many tyres to choose from and it can be confusing. We’ll eliminate that confusion with honest, easy to understand advice.

And without any pressure.

Cheapest is not always best

Most people, when looking for new tyres, usually opt for the cheapest brand and tyre they can find. Unfortunately, cheapest is not always best as they are usually a faster wearing tyre which means you have to replace them more often. But most importantly, in an emergency they take longer to stop your car – often times by many metres.

This can mean the difference between avoiding an accident and becoming involved in one.


Value for money

We advise on the best value tyres for your money. We’re not interested in pushing the promotion of the day but instead want to give you the peace of mind and comfort that your tyres will keep you and your family safe and so you’re not wasting your money.

We’re here to help!

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