Save Hundreds of Dollars

29 Aug 2019

Mr. Taylor Saved $700!

Here’s a story on how CosmoCare Mechanical + Tyres saved Mr. Taylor hundreds of dollars.

Mr. Taylor came to us because another service centre told him he needed to replace his front suspension struts.

To show the front suspension strut

After having a chat about a recent incident in the car, we discovered the real cause was nothing more than limestone crushing itself up in the front suspension.

To show the limestone crushing

Mr. Taylor is now $700 better off!

At CosmoCare Mechanical and Tyres, we’re all about honesty, saving you money and going the extra mile. If you’d like great service, honest advice, and saving money on your car, come in and see us today.

This is another way that we like to look after you.

Here at CosmoCare Mechanical + Tyres, where it’s all about you!