Logbook Service Vs Comprehensive Service

11 Apr 2019

What is the difference between a Logbook  service and a Comprehensive service?

Many times when you hear about a car service you will notice these two terms coming up a lot. A common misconception is that these terms are both describing the same thing. However they are quite different, and knowing the difference between the two could save you hundreds of dollars!

Logbook Service

If your car is still under new car warranty, then this is the service you will want to go with. A Logbook Service follows the strict guidelines that your manufacturer has provided. This is so that the mechanic servicing your car knows what work is necessary in order to maintain your new car warranty.

When designing the guidelines, the manufacturers have to accommodate the wide array of driving and environmental conditions the car may encounter throughout Australia. Conditions such as tropical heat, long country roads, metropolitan areas (where stop starts are frequent), snowy mountains are all considered by the manufacturer and the service guidelines are formed with these conditions in mind.

Because the manufacturer does not know the exact conditions your car will be exposed to they have to assume the worst-case scenario on the lifecycle of your car’s parts.

The implication here for a lot of drivers getting a Logbook Service is that perfectly working parts are being prematurely replaced in order to adhere to the manufacturer’s strict guidelines.

Comprehensive Service

A Comprehensive Service is highly recommended for cars which have elapsed warranty. While your mechanic will still assess what the manufacturer has recommended, they will take a more conservative approach to replacing items that are still in perfect working order.

When we perform a Comprehensive Service, we check 104 items in your car. This is one of the most thorough service inspections available here in Perth.

When we perform a comprehensive service, we can determine through our experience, expertise and testing equipment whether parts need replacing now or can wait until the next service.

Compared to a Logbook Service, a Comprehensive Service will avoid prematurely replacing parts on your. This saves you a lot of money as unnecessary work isn’t being carried out.