Free Second Opinion On Mechanical Work

22 Nov 2018

Always Get a Second Opinion.

Unsure About the Recommended Mechanical Work?

Often times, your mechanic magically finds additional work on your car which makes you ask yourself, can a repair really cost that much?

It’s normal to get a second opinion when you make a big financial decision to do with your health, especially if you’re not sure about the advice you’ve been given. Just like getting a repair estimate, it can be intimidating and overwhelming. Without the experience and knowledge to evaluate your car yourself, it’s hard to know what’s the best course of action.

A second opinion is great if you’re unsure why the work is recommended or if it seems to be too expensive.

Your Trusted and Reliable Car Experts

We have given hundreds of free second opinions on work that was unnecessary, done too early or just overpriced. From this, we have saved people hundreds if not thousands of dollars. We are happy to answer any questions if you’re unsure about anything your mechanic has advised. bring the car down to us at CosmoCare Mechanical + Tyres. and we will give you a free second opinion too.

How do we take such good care of our customers?

This is another way that we like to look after you.

Here at CosmoCare Mechanical + Tyres, where it’s all about you!