Female Friendly Mechanic

3 Sep 2019

Creating an environment where women feel comfortable and in control is CosmoCare Mechanical’s #1 priority.

Many workshops purposefully attempt to mislead and intimidate women in hopes of ripping them off – and that is not okay! At other workshops you might have experienced:

  • A bill that you suspected was too high for the work you needed
  • A condescending / rude tone from the mechanic
  • Confusion about the exact work being done
CosmoCare Mechanical + Tyres, Perth Car Service Experts

At CosmoCare Mechanical, we believe that it is important for women to have the option of going to a female friendly mechanic where they feel comfortable and in control.

So how do we ensure a female friendly culture?

  • All our staff are respectful and courteous no matter what.
  • We don’t believe in making a profit through misleading or intimidating any customers.
  • We always make a point of ensuring that every customer knows exactly what work is being done to their vehicle, so you’ll never be out of the loop.
  • We encourage all customers to speak up with whatever query or concern they may have, and that’s the way it should be.
  • Our female management ensures a female friendly culture
female friendly mechanic  

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