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Overheating Engine

16 Jun 2020

Is your engine temperate gauge pointing to “H”, “Hot” or in the red zone? Is your engine warning light illuminated? Can you see steam rising from the bonnet? You may have an overheating engine. A normal engine temperature range while driving is 90 degrees to 93 degrees (Celsius). It’s ideal for your car engine to

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Top 5 Used Car Dealerships In Perth

18 Dec 2019

Buying a second hand/ used car? Don’t get ripped off, here are the top 5 used car dealerships in Perth.

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Wheel Alignment

4 Nov 2019

Improper wheel alignment can cause your car to run less efficiently and will lead to faster wear and tear on your tyres. Thus it’s important to have your wheel alignments checked. It’s recommended that a mechanic should check your wheel alignment as a part of your annual car service or tyre change. Wheel alignment shouldn’t

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Car Won’t Start

30 Oct 2019

This has got to be one of the most frustrating situations you could find yourself in. Your car won’t start. So what should you do about it? We have compiled a list of common causes.   No Crank, No Start You’ve turned your key in the ignition but the engine won’t turn over or crank.

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Cheapest Parking In Perth CBD

18 Oct 2019

Sick Of Getting Ripped Off When You’re Parking In The Perth CBD? Well Here’s A List Of The Cheapest Places To Park In Perth CBD!

How Often Should I Service My Car?

3 Oct 2019

So many people come into CosmoCare Mechanical that have a whole range of issues with their car saying: “I thought my car was fine, it didn’t have this issue yesterday” or “It hasn’t been making strange noises, I don’t understand how this could suddenly happen”. If you don’t want to be one of those people, read this!

Car Warning Lights

30 Sep 2019

Warning lights work as a part of the onboard diagnostics systems (OBD) integrated into the car’s computer. The main purpose of the OBD is alert the driver of any malfunctions or safety precautions the vehicle needs attention to. Qualified Service Technicians also use the OBD to accurately diagnose faults or damages in a vehicle. When

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Top 5 Hidden Day Trip Destinations Near Perth

12 Sep 2019

Thinking of going on a road trip sometime soon but don’t want to travel far? Here are the Top 10 Road Trip Destinations Near Perth.

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Female Friendly Mechanic

3 Sep 2019

Creating an environment where women feel comfortable and in control is CosmoCare Mechanical’s #1 priority.
Many workshops purposefully attempt to mislead and intimidate women in hopes of ripping them off – and that is not okay! At other workshops you might have experienced…

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5 Signs Your Mechanic’s Ripping You Off

3 Sep 2019

Ever felt like you were being ripped off by your mechanic? If you have, it’s not a surprise. Many workshops around Perth have a reputation for misleading their customers when it comes to servicing their car. To help you avoid this, we have compiled 5 common signs your mechanic is ripping you off. 1. They

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Save Hundreds of Dollars

29 Aug 2019

Mr. Taylor Saved $700! Here’s a story on how CosmoCare Mechanical + Tyres saved Mr. Taylor hundreds of dollars. Mr. Taylor came to us because another service centre told him he needed to replace his front suspension struts. After having a chat about a recent incident in the car, we discovered the real cause was

Free Carwash After Every Service

14 May 2019

We like every customer to leave with a smile on their face. That’s why as part of every service we give you a Free Car Wash and Vacuum. We want you to go away with a clean and reliable car!

CosmoCare Mechanical Stories – Ann’s Car Air Conditioning Problems

6 May 2019

Ann from Hillarys came into us recently complaining about problems with her air conditioner. We warned her that most air conditioning problems can be quite expensive but promised that we would try our hardest to get to the bottom of the problem. Watch here how our expert mechanics discovered the simple solution.

There’s No Such Thing As A Cheap, Quality Service

6 May 2019

In this industry, there are 3 different types of services, none of which are Cheap and Quality. However, there is a superior type, be sure to know the difference so you don’t get caught out next time you need one!

Proprietary Software

6 May 2019

Did you know that different types of cars require different grades of oil? Thanks to our proprietary software, we do! This is because it links us with all the manufacturer’s databases, so we know exactly which parts to use on your vehicle and when.