A Thorough Service on Your Car

6 May 2019

A Thorough Service on your Car

We carry out one of the most thorough services on your car in Perth. This can sometimes lead to an awkward conversation with a new customer.

This is where CosmoCare Mechanical + Tyres comes in.

We check 104 items on your car when you bring it in for a service and take a lot of measurements. We record a lot of information and the reason why we check all these things is because we want to keep your car as reliable as possible.

So in many cases, where identifying things that should have been identified earlier by previous mechanics but haven’t, we’re finding them for the first time and then it’s our responsibility to give you a call and just to let you know about these things.

No Pressure!

We are not trying to pressure you in getting them done but we are just trying to let you know that these are items that need to be fixed, updated or changed on your vehicle to give you a reliable car as possible.

The reason why we do this is because we want to keep you safe on the road. We know how important your car is to you. We want to make it as reliable and safe for you as possible.

How do we take such good care of our customers?

This is another way that we like to look after you.

Here at CosmoCare Mechanical + Tyres, where it’s all about you!