5 Signs Your Mechanic’s Ripping You Off

3 Sep 2019

Ever felt like you were being ripped off by your mechanic? If you have, it’s not a surprise. Many workshops around Perth have a reputation for misleading their customers when it comes to servicing their car.

To help you avoid this, we have compiled 5 common signs your mechanic is ripping you off.

1. They were impolite to you when you dropped your car off

Impolite customer service is a warning sign for most people if they were to visit any other business around Perth, but unfortunately, when it comes to mechanics people think that rude staff is just part of the experience – this could not be further from the truth. If a mechanic genuinely cares about you and your vehicle, they will show that they care. As a customer, you should not expect anything less if you potentially have hundreds of dollars on the line due to car repairs. Bottom line is, any sign of disrespect during face to face service is a BIG red flag that they’re prepared to disrespect you behind your back and rip you off!

2. They have a lot of negative reviews                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Even though Google is the biggest search engine in the world, many people still don’t use it to its full potential when deciding what mechanic they should go with. A big way you can utilize Google is by looking at a Mechanic’s Google Reviews before deciding to take your car to them. A good rule of thumb is to look to other mechanics if their rating is below 4 stars. This is because they have shown to maintain high customer satisfaction rate. It’s ok if it isn’t a perfect 5, no workshop is going to be able to 100% satisfy all its customers, but a rating of at least 80% positive reviews shows that they try.

3. They didn’t consult you before they carried out work on your car

A trustworthy workshop will NEVER carry out work on your vehicle that has not been previously discussed without your approval. Even if it is an urgent repair, it is still wrong to surprise a customer with a bill they did not expect. What’s worse is that many workshops use this tactic to over inflate your bill when it does not need to be, so if you get a bill you didn’t expect, it is likely a warning sign that your mechanic is trying to rip you off.

4. The issue you came to them for still persists after they have given your car back

If you come to a mechanic complaining about a specific issue, you expect it to be taken care of.  That’s why if you have taken your car back from the mechanic and the same issue is persisting even though the mechanic said it was fixed, you are being ripped off. This could be because they have not taken the time to test if the issue is fully fixed, they have used subpar parts, or they just plainly don’t know where they went wrong. Either way, you should steer clear of that mechanic from now on.

5. They strongly recommend that you don’t get a second opinion 

If you suggest to your mechanic that you want to take your car elsewhere for a second opinion and they strongly advise against it, this is a clear warning sign that they know you’ll be saving money if you do. They might give very compelling excuses as to why you shouldn’t seek advice from another mechanic but you must be adamant that it’s YOUR car, YOUR money and therefore YOUR choice.  

Want to know the best way to avoid these warning signs?

Come to CosmoCare Mechanical! We pride ourselves on putting the customer first no matter what. We always treat customers with respect, our reviews are overwhelmingly positive, we always consult the customer before carrying out work on their car, we always test the vehicle before giving it back to ensure the issue is actually fixed and we are perfectly happy if you decide to seek a second opinion. Here at ComsoCare Mechanical, it’s all about you!

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